Dolcino law firm was established in Genoa over 30 years ago, since then, it has been operating among the different fields of international, company, commercial and civil law.

The office and its founder, the lawyer Roberto Dolcino, mainly deal with transport issues.

The firm is located in Genoa. A town that has always been the core of maritime transport in the Mediterranean and European area.

Genoa’s port is considered the link with continental Europe, that has allowed a remarkable development of the maritime, air, ground and railway transport systems and also of the study of their legal issues.

Therefore Genoa has a solid and prestigious tradition in transport law.

All of Dolcino’s firm lawyers and partners are specialized professionals from the University of Genoa.

A professional and dynamic team able to speed up all legal procedures and quickly solve all client’s issues and care for all possible needs, doing our best to avoid resorting to institutional bodies

Dolcino’s firm is fluent in English, French and Spanish ensuring customer assistance not only all over the country, but both in Europe and in North America.

Our business has been working for years both with the majors insurance companies on the market and with national and international shipping and transport companies.

The firm also provides legal advice services in order to ensure our customers our full availability and legal protection with any issue that may see them involved.

The firm generally deals with international, commercial and civil law fields thanks to our young partners, particularly qualified in these law branches.

In particular, our office is mainly oriented in labour, family, company and bankruptcy law assistance.