Dolcino Firm has been operating for years among the different fields of transport legal protection and insurances. Thanks to our experience in the subject and our high level of professionalism, we are able to deal with the following fields:

Transport Law

  • National and International, ground, air or railway transport;
  • Disputes regarding airport services;
  • Air and maritime shipping safety;
  • Multimodal transport;
  • Compensation regarding transport of goods;
  • Tariffs issues.

Maritime Law

  • Insurances;
  • Issues concerning shipping accidents;


Insurance and Customs Law

  • Advice with drafting insurance policies;
  • Management of relations with insurances companies and brokers;
  • Customs disputes;
  • Debt collection;

Civil and Commercial Law

  • Advice and assistance with general matters.


Dolcino Lawfirm works in partnership with important companies both in Europe and North America.
Our dedicated approach with clients, our intervention and files management skills makes Dolcino Lawfirm the ideal partner for advice in transport and civil law issues.